Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Work your butt off

Day 2 of the workout was slightly better. It was mostly upper body, which doesn't involve lifting my butt in the air too much. Tennis was sort of fun - something different. I went through the calendar and finally understood why active makes me work out on weekend. It wants me do it 2 days and break 1 day. So I guess, I have to make it work. Today I should be resting (nice!) Supplementation is much better since I put it in the car. I'm also doing OK with the food (with minor exceptions). Water consumption is good. So, overall I am on good track with both feet.

WII Active wants to combine tomorrow upper and lower body exercises and that will involve jumping again. I know it's necessary, but I swear, every time I jump, I am affraid to land in the apartment downstairs

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