Monday, May 10, 2010

Well Well Well

Something weird happened few days ago. My husband brought DQ ice cream for celebrate Mother's Day, and you have to agree motherhood deserves ice cream. It practically has ice cream written all over it. I made myself eat half and that was it. And I didn't enjoy it either. Not sure what that's about - it never bothered me before, but, I guess, it is better that way.

Well. on Saturday I finally opened my WII Yoga. I spent probably 30 minutes watching the tour with a robot looking guide that was walking around the Yoga palace and talking about the history and ideas of Yoga. "this is a picture of blah. It symbolizes blah blah diet, which consists of fat and greasy food that makes you tired and don't eat that. Why would you have a picture or statue of something you don't want people to follow. So, the tour didn't impress me, but I just wanted to get through it, because I though it was somehow related. After 30 minutes I got bored and shut it down. It does come with a book, but obviously I had no time to look through it. Graphics sucks, but that's not the point, because you can't expect everything be realistic looking. Wii fit has such an awesome characters and realism, but it doesn't work. Meaning. it senses everything you do very accurately, but there are no set routines and you just randomly doing things that won't do anything for you. When it comes to yoga and strength exercise, there is no method - you just randomly doing different things in whatever order you want. If I figure out this Yoga thing works and will work for me, I will not care about the quality of the characters.

Wii Active irritated it me, because one particular excersise keeps refusing to understand what I am doing and I end up spending too much time on it with no results. I think it called biceps curls. Yesterday I just started skipping it, because it is getting worse and worse in registering my movements.

Next step would have to be detox. The idea is eliminate carbs, caffeine and preferably protein from the diet for a whole week. The worse part about it is being hungry more and eating more, because all there are no carbs to slow down a process of breaking down food. The general logic is - drink a lot, have some fruit and stuff your face with vegetables. I haven't done this in probably a couple years and I doubt that it would be any easier that it was few years back. I just have to figure out how well it will go in my family, since kids still have to eat normal food.

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