Thursday, May 13, 2010

Let's talk Yoga

So, I have never done yoga and decided that it is time to start, because I need some "It's good for you" in my life.

I can't go to the Yoga class, because, let's face it, I can't take kids with me. I can't ask my mother-in-law to babysit, because that's what she does 9 hours a day anyway and probably wants to do something else in her spare time. Also I can't rely on my husband, because he always has things to do and when he is home for dinner it is a nice surprise. One time last year, I had to go to the association board meeting. At 9 pm I found my baby sleeping, my husband exhausted browsing Internet, my husband shirt covered in puke in the sink in the kitchen. The older child was playing in her room. When I said, Elise, let's go to sleep, she ran to the kitchen, because daddy didn't feed her dinner. Overall, any time I suggest I need him to take care of kids, he wants to take them to his mom's house and, as I said before, she probably wants to read a grownup book and watch something besides Elmo and Barney on TV once in a while.

So, what should I do first? Since I already have WII I decided to spoil myself with a game called Wii Yoga, because the little person on the screen will show me what to do and will tell me if I am doing it wrong (thanks to the power of Wii remote). The reviews were not all that great, but since there were no other alternatives I decided to go for it and let me tell you, I still don't know what to do.

The little cartoonish characters gave me an endless tour of the House of Yoga. When I went into the routine mode, it gave me several options - "Obesity" sounded like a fun one and I went into the next screen where I was welcomed by another cartoon character with a thick accent. The whole routine took 5 minutes and came back to the message "I'd like to try to do it now". OK, I am pretty new to this, but I am sure it should take more than 5 minutes. Besides that, it doesn't make any noises when changing a pose, so if I am trying concentrated on not falling down while facing the floor I would not even know when to change the positions. (My neck hearts though from constant attempts to looks up). And the best thing - it has no motion detectors, so it has no idea what I am doing. Do you know what that means? I was better off buying a DVD

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