Friday, May 21, 2010

Feeling like a winner

I am feeling like a winner. I still have until tomorrow night to finish my misery or detox (as some would call it), but I can smell the victory. Sure, I had few stumbles on the way. I am not sure which part of it was more difficult - my personal way of dealing with it or the social aspect of it.

I personally have to deal with my cravings and argue with my brain that is trying to trick me into eating something I am not suppose to.

Socially, I've got so many comments in regards to dieting, it is not even funny.I have nothing against the opinions of others, but, I think, this way of eating making me slightly irritable. And that proofs again the [pints - diets are bad! If I had to eat like this all the time, I would not be a good person to be around. One week twice a year I can handle, but not more than that.

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