Thursday, May 20, 2010

Still Detoxing

I am running out of jokes about detoxing, so I am not going to post another food related funny pictures.

I talked about the idea of detox and what it is for, what to eat and what not, and now, I think, is a good time to talk about keeping up with the Great Detox. It is a day 5 and I could use a pick me up.

If you are not doing all that great on 100% vegetable diet, add some lean protein like grilled chicken, canned tuna in water. You'd be surprised how much better you will feel. I mixed it with a salad and that added a totally new flavor and, yes, made me a much happier person.

If you are not getting home for your next meal or if you didn't have a chance to chop enough vegetables, it doesn't ruin everything. Just stop by fast food restaurant and get a side salad. Better yet, use a drive through. You've been strong and dedicated, but do you really want to tempt yourself? You want to make sure the salad you get has no croutons, dressings, etc. And fried chicken is not the same as grilled chicken. In the whole honesty I would stay away from the Chicken of fast food places, because the quality methods of cooking of it is questionable (at least by me).

Remember the corn I ate on Tuesday? I couldn't help, but think that it wasn't a detox food. Now I remember - it is because of starch. Dah!

I still can't figure out when to ride a bike. How am I getting this into the schedule?
Ideally, I could drop off kids and ride to work, but it is a bit sketchy - I need to get time to ride and see how much time it will take.

The other problem, we are going out of town next week for 6 days and I am not sure how to workout or especially completing my WII 30 Days challenge

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