Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Yoga talk again

I really have been enjoying my free Yoga classes. Oh, wait - I just realized that I talked about my Yoga WII experience before, but it pretty much ended with me getting disappointed with the Game and now I can't figure out how I can get my money back.

However, since my workout goes two days at a time and one day rest, I figured this rest days is asking to be my yoga day. Unfortunately, the day I figured it out was the day of Yoga (aka Rest Day) and I came out with a brilliant idea - I will go to the library and a couple DVDs, so I can figure out when I need.

I got excited when I scored a really close spot to the doors and just pulled out my double stroller, when a car stopped behind me and a nice woman's voice sounded, "Hi, I just want to mention, We are closed." Nice! Apparently it closes at 6 on Friday, just in time for me to get there and the door.

I loaded my stroller into the car and pulled out from the garage. I have a Yoga day and yoga mood and no yoga teacher. And suddenly it came to me - I have Netflix. And if Netflix has 20 Barney DVDs available for Instant watching, why wouldn't they have Yoga?

When I got home, I went online and found that they do have about 5 Yoga DVDs I can use. The first one I tried I didn't like. My TV teacher acted like my second grade teacher and it made me uncomfortable. Also, I was the fattest kid in a class and wasn't really good in putting my fit behind my ears.

The other one I tried called Candlelight Yoga (or something like that) and I truly enjoyed it. It wasn't difficult and it was all about relaxation and stretching, but no extreme things I couldn't do.

I started my relaxation journey in my living room, but soon figured that there are few things around me were not willing to let me enjoy my experience

1. My daughter. She "went to sleep 20 minutes ago" and now jumping in her bed and laughing
2. My husband. He was in charge for putting my daughter to sleep and at this point felt that he was done. At this particular point he was sitting behind me on the chair and eating a salad making all kind of noises with his fork.

- This is just not happening, - I said.

Did I mentioned that I live in one bedroom? Yes, with my husband and two kids. It is a big one bedroom and the living room is L-shaped. Few years ago my husband built a wall in it separating the living room from the office area. Office last year became half way my daughter's room. We still have the desk there that is used a shelf area and otherwise it is a kids room. Except, it has a curtain that replaces a door between that room and the living room and there is a wide entrance into the kitchen

And once again my my Golden brain gave me an easy solution - I can use the bedroom. My son falls asleep earlier and the is enough space in that room to put my laptop and still be able to lay down on the floor.

Wow, it was great. Dark and quite and I think I got what I was looking for.

So I did my Yoga few times with a nice people at Candle Yoga and I would of gladly continued to enjoy it, but this morning when I went on Netflix, it said that the DVD will expire at the beginning of next month. That's bummer. No what? I have to look for another DVD. But they have like a lot of them expiring at the same time, so that makes it a little bit more complicated

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