Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Detox Day 3

I am hungry for meat. I felt good for a couple days, but now caught myself fantasizing about a hot dog (for eating purposes, of course). Oh, yeah, my hungry mind just was placing an order for pizza for Sunday delivery. I planned it to start on Sunday and stop on Saturday, so I can enjoy a nice meal at home rather than at work. I already had a couple people argue with me comparing their favorite diets to my detox. I normally do not participate in diet discussions. I have my own opinion and unless asked will not be advising anybody else what to eat. I believe that any kind of diet is a stress on a body and stress is what switched the body into the storage mode, meaning "I need to put all the food received into the fat storage, because it's a famine". That's why I will not diet and I will not starve. Anything that involves me skipping meals goes out the window. anything that comes with a fancy book of complicated recipes can go in the same direction. Any company that is selling me food replacement program is in business to make money and is interested in me staying on their program for as long as I live and not in making me happier healthier person.

That's my program and I am following low glycemic style, which pretty much includes well balanced diet and limits amounts of sugars.

Oh, yeah, there is a food delivery company that does that. It's Nutri-System. Right? Wrong! It's very far away from big perfect low-glycemic system and in a nutshell just a food delivery system if you want to eat, but don't want to cook.

Detox is a kind of diet and that's why it should not be done more than 4 times a year for week. I personally prefer to do it 2x year. It is not about losing weight (but could always be a side benefit). It is about cleansing by getting toxins out of the body. That's where a lot of waters come handy along with food that gets processed really fast. It is not easy and I do not recommend people on doing it without some preparation. Do not do it if you are under a lot of stress or training for a marathon.

Do not do it if you're setting yourself up for a failure.

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