Monday, May 17, 2010

Detox - Oh, no!!!

This probably is one of the challenging parts of the program, but I have to say, almost every step has been quite a challenge for me. Detox is not about weight loss, but about cleansing. The idea is to stop eating carbs for a week along with caffeine along with with protein. Fine, this week is all about vegetables in some fruits and a lot of liquids. No fancy dressings, no coffee. It is pretty much all day long veggie buffet with a river of water and a lots of trips to the washroom. The only dressing allowed is vinegar or lemon juice. My second day (yes, today is actually is day 2) looks like this

morning 1/2 lemon with water
breakfast salad
snack carrots, banana
lunch funny dish I made yesterday consists of fried (is it? There was no oil involved) cabbage, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms
snack - salad, banana
dinner salad, soup
snack fruits

On the good note, it is "all you can eat"

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