Friday, May 7, 2010

30 days into my challenge.

Wow! I made it through the first 30 days of my challenge. I am proud and deserved a gift. My Yoga Wii is calling my name. I am really exited - maybe I will be able to do it tonight after my regular workout? Maybe? Yesterday workout involved a lot of jumping and I am just happy I don't have anybody living downstairs - I wouldn't want 200 mammal jumping over my head 64 times. Of course, I counted it. My daughter next room even said "Oh Ogh". (However, it is possible she said it because she pooped. In that case, I really should of checked on her, because in the morning when my husband said. "It smells horrible" I went to check on my daughter and sure thing she smelled like a rose and looked like one too)

Where was I? Oh yeah, jumping is fun! NOT... Otherwise my routine yesterday included dancing, skateboarding, tennis. It is more fun than just running for sure. Have I mentioned I cannot stand running? Did I really?

I feel better about myself and sometimes even feel sexy...ish. That goes totally against my moral "I am a mother of two small children, who has no other hobbies besides caring for her children, all three of them (10 months old, 2 year old and 36 year old)

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