Thursday, May 13, 2010

I want my pretty back

I was listening a podcast "Parenting Experiment" and they had a interview with Molly Ringwald (remember, Sixteen candles, Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink). She wrote a book "Getting the pretty back: Friendship, Family, and Finding the Perfect Lipstick". Honestly I want to read it if I can work it into my schedule, but I do like the title.

Why can't body go back to the way it was after having kids? It would be a nice gift - You got pregnant, went through 99 months (I know it's 9, but feels like much longer) of nothing but inconvenience, got too much of unnecessary attention from random people "Who are you having? a Boy? You do not carry the way the boys a carried. You having a girl. Trust me, my mother blah, blah, blah.." You went through all the enjoyment of delivery and your grand prize was given to you in a form a of little crinkled crying baby that can't live without you and will cry any time he is not happy, which happen to be often. You got up hundreds of time in a dark and walked tripping over dog (toy car? box? don't want to know what it is?) with your arms in front of you, "Must Breastfeed". After sacrificing your social life, sex, romantic things is it too much to ask for the body to go back and give you a fair start. I will be good, but give me something to work with! I adore pictures of me and my little girl. I think, because she looks so tiny and perfect that makes me look even bigger next to her. The pictures I post these days have my body of to my shoulders with kids covering everything else. That's the only way I can get compliments, "You look so good - no worries in your eyes".

Few days ago I was sitting next to my girl while she was pretending to be going on the potty as she pointed at my bingo wing area and announced it, "Boob!"

Great, look who is pointing fingers. By they way, all I want from you is to pee not into your diaper, but into something more appropriate.

Oh, well, not like anybody is listening

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