Thursday, April 29, 2010

Shortcut to the vending machine

Still adjusting to the supplementation.
I have it at work and at home, but probably should have it in the car too, since I cannot always remember to take when I have to. However, from the food stand point I am not doing too bad with some minor exceptions.

Here is what kills every dieter - little things we're trying to ignore or pretend it didn't happen. Let's say you need to start writing everything you eat. You will write breakfast and lunch and dinner. If you prepare your meals at home, you probably would be able to write on Sunday evening your food diary for the entire week and most likely it would look flawless. But how about the cup of coffee with cream sugar you picked up on the way to work? And does it mention the donut from the lunchroom even if you only ate a half. At 3 pm you sad, "I will not say if you won't" to the twix bar from the vending machine. Cookie (what cookie?) while you were cooking dinner for the family? Fine, maybe it was not a cookie, but you know what you ate could of as well be a cookie.

Somehow, i think most of this stuff will never make its way to your prefect food diary. I do not want my meal planner to be ugly. Do you? And I do not want anybody else to criticize me. Because even if you hide it, there is a chance that somebody else will find it (even 100 years from now) "why did you eat a chocolate bar if you are trying to loose weight".

Yey, I can call myself stupid all on my own. Get away from my dairy you stupid criticizer and no good person from the future.

Have you ever seen a really big person in a cafeteria eat a really tiny (Mary Kate Olson size) meal? And you see it day after day. I know this lunch won't keep me going for more than an hour. But this (let's call him Bill) Bill is 300 pounds eating a small lunch and sometimes mentions in conversations that he doesn't eat sweets, because he is just not into sweets. Sure, whatever you say Bill.

Our perfect food diary is just like Bill snicking to the vending machine at 2.45 and munching Twinkies out of the desk drawer. Trust me, he knows how to get to the vending machine unseen (he doesn't want to be judged) and how to get his desk snack out without any noise, but at the end of the day he is still 300 pounds

I ate a piece of chocolate, two pieces of pie and while I was feeding kids in the evening I ate the last piece of Tuesday pizza
Here, I said it.
Do I lose a pound if you say the truth?

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