Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How to love yourself and feel good about it

Pizza last night!

I guess, I had my cheat for the week. My husband wanted to celebrate and he had a tiny reason to do so and I had nothing to eat at home anyway. My daughter loved it and my son probably really wanted it, but he had to stick oatmeal cereal and apple sauce because he is 9 months old. I did take my evening pill before to soften the hit just a little bit.

I already got myself a gift for 30 days - it is a Yoga WII game. For once it is not food gift. I got on Amazon for under 3o bucks and since the deal was good I bought it ahead of time. Ordered it on Tuesday and got it on Thursday. I keep it in the car still sealed to make sure nobody opens it, because it is mine. To make even nicer, I've been using Swagbucks (web search engine), that gives points for searching. I redeemed my points for this Game, so I paid NOTHING. Love it!!!

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