Friday, April 23, 2010

Drink Youself Silly

The supplementation is not going too well - I am trying, but keep forgetting to take it. I put one set at work and one set at home - took it twice today. I m not sure what to do about it, but I don't feel comfortable to move to the next step if I am not comfortable with this one. Might have to make it 25 unless I can get a hang of it before.

Well, I forgot my healthy good lunch today on the door knob - it was still there when I got home. The guy at work brought food and it wasn't bad from the health stand point - tacos - dough, meat, vegetables. Not bad at all.

I was researching the topic what water drinking yesterday and found three different approaches

- traditional - 8 cups a day, that would be like 64 oz of water
- gender defined - men - 3 liters (101 oz), women - 2.2 liters (74 oz)
- weight defined - 1/2 weight in oz. If I am 200 lb. I should be drinking 100 oz

I think #3 is more like it for an obese person, because we are carrying around more crap. For a person who is in a good weight - 64 oz would be good enough.

You should drink more in summer or while working out.

I heard once and once again, too much water could be bad for you and it always bothered me, because the articles never said what is too much. Well, guess what, average American would never even come close to "too much".

However, here are few things to know
- Caffeinated beverages are excluded from the count (tea, coffee, sodas)
- Drinking too much water at once can wash out nutrients out of your body. Too much doesn't mean a cup, it means 1-2-3 liters at once
- Drinking water will reduce consumption of other bad drinks and can help you drop like 10 pounds

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