Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Planning. Maybe boring for some, but keeps me organized

Got a buddy at work who is willing to compete and support and that is really a good motivation.
I definitely have a longer way to go, but i am very optimistic. And in the second half of the day I checked on her - we had a dozen of pies in the cafeteria and she had a piece - I didn't! Feel extra good about myself! Love buddy system.

Well, today is day 15 and I started my supplementation. I am not against supplementation, as long as it isn't a magic pill. I think, as long as you do your research and can make an educated decision - you're good. I did mine. I know, I can stop taking pills and will not blow up like a balloon. I do not need to eat pills instead of food.

Here is my educated decision
Transitions Carbohydrate Absorption Inhibitor, Thermohrome Advantra Z, and Thyroid support Formula.
Since I have a hypothyroidism, I have a metabolism of a snake and that what makes difficult to shade weight even if you do everything right. And I think water drinking actually helps a lot. The pants I have on right now feel looser and I wouldn't be able to wear them with a smaller hills (which I did during winter)

Enough for today, Really need to take measurements. I know I started around 205 lbs.

Here is an update to my plan

V Step 1 Consume at least 80 oz of water a day
V Step 2 Start eating right
V Step 3 Start supplementation
V Step 4 Start Working out
Step 5 Start Yoga
Step 6 7 days detox
Step 7 Start biking (Really have to figure out how that is going to work)
Step 8 Keep a good work

Reward #1 at 30 days WII Yoga

Day #.....weight..BMI..breast..waste..hips

Day 1.....209
Day 27....207.5.........41......41.....52
Day 61
Day 90

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