Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mamavation - Week 2

I am kicking butt! 
I watch what I eat. No, I track what I eat and that's major for me. I am trying to put in an hour of intense workout a day. Get up an hour earlier for 30 minutes and do another 30 minutes after kids go to sleep.

My weight this week is the same as it was last week 194.7 
(And Thank You for all your help my fit friend and my fit friend in progress) 
If you are looking for my regrets about not becoming a Mamavation Mom, you won't find it. Any experience is a good experience with new directions and ideas on how to improve your self. Shake it off and move on.

 Congrats to new Mamavation Moms
Kate (@katecoleman77) and Angela (@ninemoremonths).  The online selected moms are Kimberly (@christlikemommy) and Amanda (@beeacutie2). Keep on rocking it!

I am working on a new blog and hope to roll it out soon. New blog and workouts are keeping me pretty busy.
Icon from Nuvola icon theme for KDE 3.x.Image via WikipediaThings that made me proud this week
I am a sista of the week. YAY! This is so awesome and Thank You all for making it happen (and I can't wait for my EA2)

I am loved by many - Thanks for letting me know

I workout an hour a day and get up an hour early to get my morning workout in

Blogging Carnival

This week the blogging carnival is brought to us by Fiber Plus. Blogging carnival question of the week is

Question of the week

How are you getting more fiber in your diet this New Year?
Since I am serious about my workout, I have to be as serious about my nutrition. I am charting my food intake and that includes fiber. Because I can't plan everything, I now keep a box of Fiber Plus bars in the car. Don't want to get cought hungry

I’m writing this post as an entry to a blogging carnival sponsored by Fiber Plus. I will be receiving free product in return

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  1. I'm so proud of you! You really do amaze me each time we speak or when I read your words. I remember when you first came around. You were not very hopeful about losing weight or changing your body. Now look at you! You are like Mamavation Mom? Whatever, I've moved on! And I'm proud to be one of your fit friends!! Very proud.

    Good luck this week! Hopefully I'll get better soon and can help you more than I am!

  2. It's SO hard to manage your fitness goals around the kids! I have 4 of them under the age of 7 so I can understand where you are coming from! It's never easy nor is it glamorous, but if it was all glamorous, we'd all be doing it! It takes guts to do this, so I applaud you! ;)

  3. Looking forward to checking out the new blog. Glad you are doing well with MILI. Love your attitude about moving on. We are all still cheering for you too!

  4. You are so awesome! COngrats with being named SOTW! I love being in the breakfast club with you!

  5. Some weeks are slow in weight loss, but you are doing so well, Lena! I am incredibly proud of you for getting back on and continuing on your path to healthy living. Can't wait to see the new blog!

  6. I LOVE your amazing attitude!
    You are rockin it!!
    Congrats on being SOTW!
    Keep up the great work

  7. You are doing great! Thanks for always holding me accountable for breakfast. I always try to post for you.

    I love your determination and your energy. Keep it up this week.

  8. You are doing great! And congrats on SOTW! I can't think of anyone more deserving.
    Have a great week!

  9. Congrats you deserve to be mama of the week.. Your one of the most helpful mama's out there and I am greatful.

    I cannot weight for my Mii to get there...

  10. Congrats for being SOTW!! So proud of you and your positive attitude!

  11. You have a fantastic positive attitude and it sounds like you're doing great! Congrats on being sista of the week!!

  12. Congrats on SOTW! You are so positive and awesome with your fitness goals. Good luck with this MILI challenge! Rooting for you!

  13. I am glad that you are in good spirits even though you weren't selected. So many times I people take is personally. But you know what? The last 2 campaigns have selected at least one mom who has applied in the past. Keep that in mind!

    I'm glad you are sticking around the sistahood too! :)

    Have a great week

  14. you are going to rock this challenge congrats on being sister of the week hugs

  15. congrats on being named SOTW I am so proud of you!

  16. Congratulations as SOTW. You are one of the harder workers I know in the sistahood and I hope you tear up the MiLi Challenge.

  17. Whoa! You are rocking the achievements. Congrats on becoming sista of the week. Remember it's about getting healthy first and seeing those numbers change second. The two will balance each other out.

  18. Keep going girl! It is so hard for us moms to get our workouts and healthy eating in and you are doing it!!! It gets easier as they get older... you can workout with the kids! Can't wait to get to know you!!!

  19. Congrats on SOTW - you are such an awesome addition to Mamavation and I'm thankful to call you a friend!

    I'm inspired again to get up earlier to get my sweat on... I already do that 2x a week for h2o aerobics but it's time to expand that to the rest of the week!

  20. I just wanted to take a second and repeat what everybody else has said; you are truly awesome.
    I'm so grateful for all that you have done, just knowing that someone else has been where I've been and is willing to listen truly means so much.
    Thank you!

  21. Woo hoo!! I love my fitness friend in progress!! Keep rockin it, and I am emailing you now!

  22. You are doing awesome and congrats on the SOTW! I love Mamavation because everyone is so encouraging. :)

  23. My tricky little way of getting more fiber in our diets is to add Benefiber to everything that I mix up, bake or has liquid or creamy texture: meatloaf, muffins, breads, soup, juices, yogurt, stews, etc. My family never knows it's there!