Monday, July 19, 2010

Coming Clean

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Yes, I did fall off the wagon - I will try to now clime back on it. I have a lot of excuses and I can pick any one do defend myself, but the end word is - I haven't worked out in over two weeks. I half the time don't drink enough. I also haven't rode a bicycle or taken my supplementation.

I think, my success and going under 200 made me so happy, I decided I am done. Look at me - I do not need anything. I do move a lot after work - practically every day I get the kids and we go to the pool and a spray park. (The last couple summers were not all that great, so I feel that I have to use every hour of hot summer to enjoy it). Also my daughter, who is going through potty training right now, keeps insisting that she has to go potty every five minutes after she is in bed. Sometimes I think she is doing it on purpose, but couple days ago I brought her home late and she was passing out. My husband put her in bed and she was happy. 2 hours later I found her sleeping on the carpet next to the potty. Very adorable and weird at the same time. But enough excuses already - I have to get back on my weight loss pony, so here it comes

1. Continue writing, because otherwise, it is just not working
2. Supplementation
3. Workout

For obvious reasons I am overdue for my measurements, so this should be done this week