Monday, October 25, 2010

Week #3 Mamavation

Wow. It has been so great talking to everybody - listening and talking. This is so freaking cool!!!

So, I am around 200 lbs, but I do not feel huge. Is that weird? When I look at my clothes, it looks huge and I know I am not that big. Every time I look in the mirror, I see someone who is somewhat not skinny. But common, 200 pounds?!?

The pounds do not shed easy for me - each one is a battle and maybe that is why it is so easy to give up. Hypothyroidism only makes worse. Every time when the meds go up, I hope that it would help with weight loss.

I was right about the get on the bike in the morning when I realized I had a lunch appointment. So disappointing and the weather is perfect. I talked my husband into covering for me after work (he spends most of his time fixing his car) and had a nice 35 minute ride. I finished the cake - now let's get serious.
Step back - nice hubby brought late night snacks.

Drank 3 gallons of water. Yes, I did
Super windy outside, so Bike was out of the question. So I got on WII (haven't done it in months) and Active II serously kicked my butt (I was hoping to be in better shape). But I did my best - got 30 minutes done. Dripping sweat... Made me feel go though

Skipped workout. Trying to get loads of laundry done

Forgot my water bottle at home. Got a tiny bottle at work and refilled it few times
Wii active workout went extremely well. It was done in 25 minutes. Wow! And I wasn't exhausted. I wounder why? ... Apparently I accidentally switched the level to medium from hard. Aah, that would explain it

Feeling very unproductive. I was working through the laundry loads - skipped the workout again. No bicycle either.

Walked for 40 minutes with the stroller. I can't consider it a real workout, but, I guess, it is better than nothing.

According to the scales, I gain a couple pounds. I think I will pretend I didn't see that.

Greatest Thanks to Subway for support of the program - You rock!!!

Subway designed a new series of reusable lunch bags around each one of their Famous Fans and their specific athletic talent. My biggest inspiration is Lance Armstrong. He makes me feel like anything is possible when it comes to overcoming obstacles.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Week 2 #Mamavation

So guess, I got a late start on this thing, but better late than ever. Thank You Mamavation Sistas for taking time to read and talk to me

I spent months blogging to myself and trying to talk myself into not giving up (glance through some of it if You have time) and here I found a support group. I need support!!!

I am trying to drink more water. My usual goal is 3 gallon bottle, but it is a bit of a challenge right now, since I can't fit a huge bottle in my backpack (since I pedal myself to work). So I am sticking right now to 1 gallon and refill from the faucet if needed (Yak!)

I still cannot workout at home. My workout of choice is WII (has been since January), since I can't go anywhere. Due to the tide living arrangements, I have to be quite till my daughter falls asleep. But if I drop my butt down on the chair, You better believe it "the butt" ain't moving until it is time to go sleep.

While I am trying to figure out how to make it work, I will do the best I can cycling to work - two 20 minute rides.

My low - my daughter's birthday cake. Not willing to give it away, I am finishing it. Not proud of it.

2 twenty minute bicycle rides = 40 min

2 twenty minute bicycle rides = 40 min

1st ride - 26 minutes
2nd was 22 minutes, but I fell off the bike half way there (wasn't paying attention where the bike was going) and now my knee sooo hurts

I am doing much better (Thanks to the ice pack and cream gel my husband suggested I use). I wanted to to ride, but got up late and it takes me 40 minutes to get a family of four out of the house (and a minute less)

Bottom Line -
Challenges - Cake is almost gone (I did give away few pieces), so I will be better in doing it the right way
Late night snacking and eating - still have to figure it out. All the time after work is running around with kids. By the time they are in bed, it is too late to eat
Plan when to work out indoors (at home)

Wins - Idea with biking worked out great. Workout, saving money on gas, charging myself in the morning. It is all in one! Result - 128 minutes of power cycling

I started enforcing balanced meals in my family. We normally eat well , home made good food, but didn't do great on vegetables. Well, now I am prep salads for next day while making dinner for kids.

Goals: Drinking more water
Complete 11 bike runs before it gets really cold (for each week til the end of the year). Have 3, still have to do 8
Stop eating late

October vs June (last measurement)
weight 199.3 (200.2)
BMI 36.67 (36.84)
measure breast 40-1/4 (39)
measure waste 39-1/2 (38.5)
measure hips 50-1/2 (50.5)
bicep L 14-1/2
bicep R 14-3/4

Total loss 6 inches, 8 pounds and 1.51 BMI

Between May 3rd and October 20

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SISTA OF THE WEEK: And a BIG congratulations to April of @GAFlygirl for being the Sista of the Week!

BLOGGING CARNIVAL: This week’s blogging carnival is sponsored by SUBWAY. SUBWAY is giving away a $50 gift card to Lulu Lemon, a green Gaiam gym bag and yoga mat. All you have to do is mention the Commit to Fit Campaign and Jared on their Mamavation Monday post.

Monday, October 18, 2010

And More

This time decided that I need help - some serious help!
Well, I did very well on my own for like 3 months before, but when it is just You, it is hard. That is why I decided to pledge to Mamavation to become a supporter for others and get support for myself. Thank You for being here and let's do it together!

Back for More!

Farm road in Champaign County, IllinoisImage via WikipediaIt has been a really long time time since I wrote anything and yes, that means, that I am back to late night snacks and off my exercise routine. I know it's bad. However, if I was on the market for excuses, I would pick these two: I was very active with kids over the summer going to the pool and that is a good activity. I also got on the bike. That was my very last step I was working on. Even so I stopped doing everything else, I was on the bike for 2 hours a week. So great and therapeutic! 2 hours of the week my kids were in the trailer chained to my husband's bike and I could do with what ever speed I wanted.

However, I hope I am back. I will try to be committed and it feels more like I will try to kick my butt into doing things again.

Last week the road that I need to take to work was closed for railroad repairs, which made me sit in traffic for an hour instead of 15 minutes and gave me an idea to take a bike to work. So I did on Friday, got to work in 20 minutes, felt really good and enjoyed it. Would really like to do more of it. Also I am trying to cut back on eating after 9. I think two days out of 7 I didn't eat after putting kids to sleep.

However, my daughter's birthday left us with a big portion of cake, so I am not sure how this will work.

I have another idea. Ever heard about "bike to work once a week to help environment and your wallet?" I like the idea, but here on Midwest we can't do it for 6 months or so (November through March). But If you think that year has 52 weeks, and set a goal to bike 52 times a year, that would technically give me once a week. Since I can't bike all the way from home - it is far and I have to two kids, here is what I can do - take my van and go were I have to go, leave the van at some point, take a bike (have my clothes in the backpack) and cycle the last 3-6 miles. Not too bad. With a good weather I might be able to do 52 days in 2 months, but since I only have few good weather days left for riding, I can have a goal of riding a bike at least 11 days (for 11 weeks til the end of the year) starting it tomorrow. I hope we will have 11 days of good weather left.
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