Thursday, April 29, 2010

Shortcut to the vending machine

Still adjusting to the supplementation.
I have it at work and at home, but probably should have it in the car too, since I cannot always remember to take when I have to. However, from the food stand point I am not doing too bad with some minor exceptions.

Here is what kills every dieter - little things we're trying to ignore or pretend it didn't happen. Let's say you need to start writing everything you eat. You will write breakfast and lunch and dinner. If you prepare your meals at home, you probably would be able to write on Sunday evening your food diary for the entire week and most likely it would look flawless. But how about the cup of coffee with cream sugar you picked up on the way to work? And does it mention the donut from the lunchroom even if you only ate a half. At 3 pm you sad, "I will not say if you won't" to the twix bar from the vending machine. Cookie (what cookie?) while you were cooking dinner for the family? Fine, maybe it was not a cookie, but you know what you ate could of as well be a cookie.

Somehow, i think most of this stuff will never make its way to your prefect food diary. I do not want my meal planner to be ugly. Do you? And I do not want anybody else to criticize me. Because even if you hide it, there is a chance that somebody else will find it (even 100 years from now) "why did you eat a chocolate bar if you are trying to loose weight".

Yey, I can call myself stupid all on my own. Get away from my dairy you stupid criticizer and no good person from the future.

Have you ever seen a really big person in a cafeteria eat a really tiny (Mary Kate Olson size) meal? And you see it day after day. I know this lunch won't keep me going for more than an hour. But this (let's call him Bill) Bill is 300 pounds eating a small lunch and sometimes mentions in conversations that he doesn't eat sweets, because he is just not into sweets. Sure, whatever you say Bill.

Our perfect food diary is just like Bill snicking to the vending machine at 2.45 and munching Twinkies out of the desk drawer. Trust me, he knows how to get to the vending machine unseen (he doesn't want to be judged) and how to get his desk snack out without any noise, but at the end of the day he is still 300 pounds

I ate a piece of chocolate, two pieces of pie and while I was feeding kids in the evening I ate the last piece of Tuesday pizza
Here, I said it.
Do I lose a pound if you say the truth?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How to love yourself and feel good about it

Pizza last night!

I guess, I had my cheat for the week. My husband wanted to celebrate and he had a tiny reason to do so and I had nothing to eat at home anyway. My daughter loved it and my son probably really wanted it, but he had to stick oatmeal cereal and apple sauce because he is 9 months old. I did take my evening pill before to soften the hit just a little bit.

I already got myself a gift for 30 days - it is a Yoga WII game. For once it is not food gift. I got on Amazon for under 3o bucks and since the deal was good I bought it ahead of time. Ordered it on Tuesday and got it on Thursday. I keep it in the car still sealed to make sure nobody opens it, because it is mine. To make even nicer, I've been using Swagbucks (web search engine), that gives points for searching. I redeemed my points for this Game, so I paid NOTHING. Love it!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Don't listen to skinny people (especially if they are kids)

Well, I am 1/5 of the way done, but have still a long way to go to make it work. Definitely not going to look for two piece swimsuit, but I hope to actually wear a swimsuit instead of workout pants. Wearing workout pants and top in the pool makes me look feel not good at all. Last month I took kids to the pool and a five year old asked me - "Is this your swimsuit?"

Common! Since when five year old care what somebody else is wearing? When I was five, I didn't think I cared what I was wearing. Go away little girl - ask your mama stupid questions. Let fat woman enjoy herself and pretend swimsuits should look like this. I bet, if I put a wet suit on, I would look 10 pounds lighter ( wouldn't that look like fun).

Loved the phrase from "Drop Dead Diva" on Lifetime that ends with
"...step away from the cookie" (need to find the whole thing)

Enough about that. I am still working on supplementation - I remember half the time, the other half I would take it right after. Could be better, but not that bad. I still might have to push next step to Day 25.

Few people told me I lost weight - I'm not sure if they are lying or not _ I am staying away from the scales, but will have to get on it eventually.

Good thing I actually felt stuffed on Saturday and said I can't eat anymore. Don't remember that feeling. Most of the time it is just "I am hungry". It is all about what and when you eat. The schedule enforces eating and drinking. I've heard before "if you're thirsty, you are body already dehydrated. You should drink before." That's how I feel about eating: If I wait until I am hungry, I can't shut my pie hole. I eat and I am still hungry. If you're trying to control your appetite, you should it more often and before getting hungry. I really compared how I eat during the week when I am on the schedule vs. during on the weekend, when I run with the kids and almost forgot to eat. I didn't have my breakfast til 11 yesterday and was hungry again by 12.30.

Well, I am a work in progress.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Drink Youself Silly

The supplementation is not going too well - I am trying, but keep forgetting to take it. I put one set at work and one set at home - took it twice today. I m not sure what to do about it, but I don't feel comfortable to move to the next step if I am not comfortable with this one. Might have to make it 25 unless I can get a hang of it before.

Well, I forgot my healthy good lunch today on the door knob - it was still there when I got home. The guy at work brought food and it wasn't bad from the health stand point - tacos - dough, meat, vegetables. Not bad at all.

I was researching the topic what water drinking yesterday and found three different approaches

- traditional - 8 cups a day, that would be like 64 oz of water
- gender defined - men - 3 liters (101 oz), women - 2.2 liters (74 oz)
- weight defined - 1/2 weight in oz. If I am 200 lb. I should be drinking 100 oz

I think #3 is more like it for an obese person, because we are carrying around more crap. For a person who is in a good weight - 64 oz would be good enough.

You should drink more in summer or while working out.

I heard once and once again, too much water could be bad for you and it always bothered me, because the articles never said what is too much. Well, guess what, average American would never even come close to "too much".

However, here are few things to know
- Caffeinated beverages are excluded from the count (tea, coffee, sodas)
- Drinking too much water at once can wash out nutrients out of your body. Too much doesn't mean a cup, it means 1-2-3 liters at once
- Drinking water will reduce consumption of other bad drinks and can help you drop like 10 pounds

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Planning. Maybe boring for some, but keeps me organized

Got a buddy at work who is willing to compete and support and that is really a good motivation.
I definitely have a longer way to go, but i am very optimistic. And in the second half of the day I checked on her - we had a dozen of pies in the cafeteria and she had a piece - I didn't! Feel extra good about myself! Love buddy system.

Well, today is day 15 and I started my supplementation. I am not against supplementation, as long as it isn't a magic pill. I think, as long as you do your research and can make an educated decision - you're good. I did mine. I know, I can stop taking pills and will not blow up like a balloon. I do not need to eat pills instead of food.

Here is my educated decision
Transitions Carbohydrate Absorption Inhibitor, Thermohrome Advantra Z, and Thyroid support Formula.
Since I have a hypothyroidism, I have a metabolism of a snake and that what makes difficult to shade weight even if you do everything right. And I think water drinking actually helps a lot. The pants I have on right now feel looser and I wouldn't be able to wear them with a smaller hills (which I did during winter)

Enough for today, Really need to take measurements. I know I started around 205 lbs.

Here is an update to my plan

V Step 1 Consume at least 80 oz of water a day
V Step 2 Start eating right
V Step 3 Start supplementation
V Step 4 Start Working out
Step 5 Start Yoga
Step 6 7 days detox
Step 7 Start biking (Really have to figure out how that is going to work)
Step 8 Keep a good work

Reward #1 at 30 days WII Yoga

Day #.....weight..BMI..breast..waste..hips

Day 1.....209
Day 27....207.5.........41......41.....52
Day 61
Day 90

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Non-regretful Food

Haven't done anything stupid. Well, had a leftover salad with mayo, but, I guess, it's not the worse. Could of been better. Not planning to do anything stupid today. What does bug me is the coupon for 25 cents blizzard from DQ. Maybe end of week cheat? Biggest accomplishment - my evening tea yesterday was with fruits instead of something I would regret. Well, I need to get ready for tomorrow to make sure I have the right supplementation with me, which should be 3 things

Monday, April 19, 2010

Don't Stop Believing

Well, the weekend could of gone better.
My parents made me eat some cake that was good, but that is irrelevant. The feast on Sunday wasn't too bad, I guess. Bad choices - 1/2 potato, salad with mayo and 1-1/2 piece of cake. Well, I guess that makes most of the food choices. Well, the tea was good. (Joking!) I didn't over eat and other food wasn't bad. The cake was something made with mazza instead of flour with berries and really good. And at the end of the day I guess I had nothing better than leftover East pie, which is just another pastry that is so no worth of eating. The only choice I was proud of was a roasted veggies in whole grain pita I had at the Children Museum.

Well, the important part not to get frustrated, "well I guess this didn't work out", but rather take it as another learning stone whatever you want to call it.

Water drinking is going well and I have to buy more things for sides and vegetables and fruites.

Will get there...

Friday, April 16, 2010

Date 10 (80 to go) Next Step Day #15 Supplementation

It didn't go as well as I thought it would. I had a nice a dinner right before six, but then I gave up to my mother's-in-law ice cream. Last ice cream out of the box and handed o me. And after I ate it I said to my self (not to my mother-in-law) - it wasn't even all that good. The idea is to have a good ice cream, real ice cream, but not more often than once a week or two. However, we need to get on track first and for that we really need to come up with a better reward system (not food). How about another WII game like yoga or kick-boxing?

Today is still going good: breakfast, snack, lunch, getting ready for a snack now.
I would really like some Pizza Hot $10 pizza with stuffed thin crust for dinner, but I will do my best. I would of taken it as my only cheat of the week, but I did have crap ice cream yesterday, and Sunday my husband's family is having a feast for my brother-in-law, who is here for a week and I am already seeing fine Ukrainian in huge quantities.

The other challenge is to drink enough liquids on weekends. And visiting my mom - she has nothing but crap in the house.

Well, have to to do my best.

I was slightly hungry last night - drank some water and some 50/50 juice and some strawberries

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Do not want to be hungry

Have to Say, still want to eat at night - not good. Have to think about that. Maybe vegetable?
I do not believe into being hungry, so have to work it out.

Oh, I need to take my measurements and weight before the end of the week and do it every 4 weeks not more often than that.

Love my new plan

Scratch Old Plan. Here comes new plan

I recently came to the funny conclusion, it is April, it is a mid April and summer is right around the corner and I am still in my very not pretty 200's. My metabolism is still slow, but I think something is happening for the better. So, here is new plan - my 90 days challenge.

Step 1 Consume at least 80 oz of water a day
Step 2 Start eating right
Step 3 Start supplementation
Step 4 Start Working out
Step 5 Detox
Step 6 Keep a good work

April 7,8,9,10,11,12,13
Step 1 is complete. About a week or so I've been drinking at least 4 bottles of water and I almost completely cut out coffee (since it does opposite of good for water intake). Will limit coffee for few time a week and not much.

Step 2. I did this before - no diet, but eating right. I am following low glycemic eating style. Each food should be balanced - protein, vegetable, good carbs, low gycemic food. 2-3 fruits a day

April 14
My mother-in-law gave my mashed potato, fish, and salad for breakfast. I think it is very cultural to have big meals, but also she raised two boys that never had to worry about overeating. Ate salad and some fish. Had just a little bit of potato.
I know it is wrong, but somebody else cooked for me and I get to enjoy it. Well, I am working on it. I did talked to her and told me what I am trying to do, so now she is not sure what to feed me.
Snack - Kashi Bar,
Lunch - Dropped my healthy lunch, so I had to buy cesar salad - used the dressing, but skipped croutons.
Dinner Soup, Meatball.

April 15 (Day #9 of 90) Next Step Day #15 Supplementation
Breakfast sandwich whole wheat bagel with hard salami, cheese and salad leaf with decaf coffee
Snack Kashi Bar
Lunch Pasta with Vegetables and fish. Need to get better pasta