Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mamavation 101 article

Mamavation 101

So many of us are new or relatively new to Mamavation. I have been around and active for about 3 or 4 months and I have to tell you I learned a lot. And I mean a lot! Can I share my experience with you?

When I first came across Mamavation, I looked through Mamavation.com and got somewhat overwhelmed. Somehow ended up on bookieboo.com and got overwhelmed even more.

So much stuff! What to do first? Do they want to sell me anything? What does it mean to be in a sistahood? How is that different from being Mamavation Mom? What will they want from me?

My head was getting crowded with questions. Like most of you I am busy busy busy, and cannot just jump on a new thing I found on the Internet. However, I have been working hard on loosing weight, and I got an idea that “Mamavation boat” was going in a similar directions. I started my blog earlier in the year and kept myself accountable to my web diary trying to loose weight. With no one else reading my posts I got disincourged in few months and started sliding off my good plan.

What does it mean to be a sista of the Mamavation sistahood? It is all about giving sisterly love to others. We all come from different walks of life – stay home moms or executives, in Washington DC or Texas we might only have one thing in common – we want to take a better care of ourselves and loose weight. A good supporting word goes a long way (like from Wisconsin to New York kind of a long way). If you want to be loved, love others – give a lot support to people you never seeing face to face, and you will feel like you know them very well after a while. Come any time and let’s talk.

Mamavation.com and Bookieboo.com work together. If you start on one I will eventually end up on the other one, so don’t freak out if you see yourself on the different website from where you started. Both websites have a lot of information -Just take it slow and explore it one page at a time.

What to do first?
So I decided to write a post for Mamavation Monday and after few tries I even linked it into the right place. For the first time somebody came to my blog, read my whining and even left a comment! I got getting excited and haven’t missed a single Mamavation Monday since then. That’s were we keep track of our progress and talk about our ups and down. Check the email from Bookieboo on Sunday to make sure you get an entry in the giveaway

How to spread your love support?
One thing I didn’t want to do is open a Twitter account. I really couldn’t grasp the idea of the website and I was a Facebook kind of girl. Big mistake! This should of being my second step. Start using #Mamavation, look for people who are active on Twitter and start talking. Ask a lot of question! If you don’t ask, you won’t get answers. I know some of you might feel sometimes like you are talking and nobody is there. That’s how I felt until I found a person I can address. I found Greta! I started asking her questions and she had no other choice, but start answering. Relate to other people problems and share your personal experience. And answer other sistas tweets. If I only had 5 minutes to spend on Twitter in a day, I would spend 1 minute asking questions and 4 minutes answering questions others (rather than talking about myself).

Forums and Giveaways
Start stopping in the forum section of bookieboo.com and look for topics that might be of interest to you. You will be able to find interesting topics of conversations, new workout challenges and giveaways.

What is Mamavation Mom campaign?
Each campaign (whenever it takes place) offers anybody to apply. When should you apply? If you think you are ready for a drastic change in your life and already started making steps toward healthy lifestyle. If you understand the expectations and are willing to commit to the rules and obligations, go ahead - apply.

Wow, that took a little bit longer than I thought. But let me put it in a different way - If you need to loose weight and looking for support, you are in the right place. Just take it one baby step at a time.




  1. That is an excellent post. And your right I often feel alone on twitter, but when I ask questions, someone is there like YOU or Momma_oz.

  2. You will have more friends as time goes on, just keep talking. Tell you this from the experience

  3. This is a great post! I am still overwhelmed by the different websites and everything :)

  4. This post could not have come at a better time. This was everything I wanted/needed to hear! Thanks for writing this and helping us newbies out!

  5. I have been with Mamavation for over a year, and still get lost sometimes (they switched forums and stuff a bit ago)...but no matter what you definitely get support. I wish I had more time for twitter, but just never seem to be able to tweet much.

  6. thanks for explainging it all even after being in it for a year its still overwhelming and i ned to get involved int he discussions not jut the weekly ones. I look forward to gettin to know you better, maybe when the time comes for the retreat i can come a day early and spend it with you in chicago but thats just an idea

    good luck at the party you got my vote

  7. Hi I'm wondering who won the 30 day shred giveaway?