Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Surviving the Holiday and feeling good about it

A Danish Christmas tree illuminated with burni...Image via WikipediaWith the holiday coming up, there are more sweets on the table in the lunchroom, more cookies at grandma's house, and more friends coming over with the yummiest things. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas it is a feast non-stop and than we wake up on January 3rd (after finishing the leftovers) 10 pound heavier and a plan for New Year resolution.

Well, I decided to make the plan a little bit earlier this year, and the plan is how to make it through the holidays season with pride and honor.

So let's do it today rather than tomorrow

1. Do not go on hungry. If you a hungry, you will eat more than you need to eat. Do not skip the breakfast, even if your breakfast is just a piece of toast, breakfast bar or a cup of tea. Have plenty of snacks with you and make sure you have your breakfast, lunch, a dinner as planned. Why? So You are not starving when you do get to the feast table and you don't waste your affords on vending machine quality food.

2. Eat less - talk more
When you are at the Holiday Table, enjoy your food, but sample a lot rather than eating a lot. Put various food on your plate all at the same time - all you want to eat not by quantity but by variety. This way you can sample all the food working your way around the plate rather than eating more of the same and still wanting to try new things on the table. Also remember, this is the time we want want to spend with friends and relatives - it is not all about the food. Socialize more! Enjoy the conversation while you are enjoying the food (You will eat less too).

3. Drink more and choose your drink wisely
If you drink sugary drinks, you will eat more than you need. Try to stick with water or drinks that are not as sweet (seltzer water, unsweetened tea, water with lemon, etc.). Added benefit - you will taste the food better and you didn't really come to the party to drink Pepsi or Coke, did you?

When it come to the alcoholic beverages, stretch one drink for the entire evening and try to stick with simple drinks. Alcohol is full of carbohydrates, and simple drinks (like cranberry n vodka) would have less of it than more complex beverages. I probably will have couple drinks over the entire holiday season, but that's just me

4. Walk it OFF
You know you are going to eat more than usual - move more. At the parties do not be shy - dance. Workout when you can. Do the simple things that matter - park your car at the end of the parking lot and walk instead of driving around for 10 minutes looking for the closest spot, take the stairs whenever it's possible, walk when You can. This probably will be the best time to put your pedometer on and walk 2000 steps daily (or whatever number you are comfortable with)

5. Finish your plate early
Make as big of a gap as possible between your dinner and night sleep. Go for a walk or spend time with kids - anything is better than nothing. If you do find yourself thinking about what is in the fridge - have a cup of tea or a fruit. Proper hydration will keep your stomach full and a piece of apple or few bites of banana will chase the hunger away

6. What about the candies and cookies?
If You tell yourself that YOU WILL NOT have any cookies/candies/etc. over the holiday season, You are setting yourself for failure, and that is not the best strategy. How about limiting yourself to the amount or number of sweets You can live with? In doing so, You will be more likely to skip a candy cane in the lunchroom, if You can have homemade chocolate chip cookie at home. I will set my number to 3 (but pick what is workable for you).

Well, we will have an overwhelming amount of sweets in the house, and here is what I am planning to do with them to make sure we do not eat them all.

1. Take them to the lunchroom at work
2. Bring them to the doctors appointments or any other appointments for that matter
3. Visit local nursing home or shelter

Spread the Joy, Enjoy the Holiday and Do not overeat!


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  1. I love the advice for not going around hungry!!! That is a must do!