Sunday, November 28, 2010

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Recently I learned that fiber can be found not only in whole grains, but in fruit and vegetables too. Thank You my friends for getting through to me with this brilliant idea.

So to create a fiber holiday, I would love to use more fruits and vegetables in my holiday cooking

My family is loves bread, and I was unhappy with the bread at the store. All would divide in two categories - good but too expensive (up to $4-5 a loaf) or waste of money bread with no nutritional value. So I decided to bake, but didn't want to invest into the bread maker before I know that I will actually do it on regular basis. An hour research online gave me with a great idea of making oatmeal bread. It wasn't perfect, since I had no experience and almost no tools, but it was big and heavy and it was mine. Oh yeah, I also knew exactly what was in there.

When it comes to the holiday cooking, Russian culture has a lot of salads, and with some thoughts those can be done better and simpler with no crazy ingredients that would make you sorry afterward. My favorite is a salad with cucumber, tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil (not too much of though). Very healthy and very yummy. Oh yeah, swap salad dressing for oil vinegar

Overall using more vegetables and less mayo will greatly benefit the table and will help to not giving to temptation. Having a variety of vegetable sides will add color to the table and will keep it interesting for you. If you insist on having a mash potato, have a lot of vegetables to go with it.

When it comes to drinks I know for sure Pepsi or Coke don't have fiber in it, and don't benefit anything at all. Mix cut apples with other fruits you like and boil them in water until fruits are soft. Apple add sweetness to any drink, but make sure you have it in a right proportion. (If it is too sweet, you can always add some water)

Having different fruits on the table will might be a great cake substitution and you can still dance after eating

I also make sure I have enough fiber bars in the house and in the car, so when I run out of the house trying not to be late for kids gymnastics just to realize that I forgot to feed me, I have a healthy alternative in the car.

Enjoy the Holiday and do not overeat.

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  1. 1) The bread maker is totally worth it. I used to use mine all the time. but
    2) I buy Orowheat bread at Costco. It's less expensive than at the regular grocery store.

    I should bake again. What recipe did you use for the oatmeal bread?