Monday, November 15, 2010

Mamavation - Week #5

Since I have two small kids, I heavily rely on my slow cooker and my rice cooker a lot. I cook twice a week but a lot and anybody who wants to complain can do it him/herself. This week meal was Whole grain noodles with flax, fried salmon, frozen cheese broccoli. Cooked and combined it all in the big container. BTW - this is about 10 dollars spent for 3-4 days of lunches or dinners for a family of 4 (but 2 are little kids, so lets say family of 3).

I do not love to cook - I cook, because I have to and because I need to save money. Oh, yeah, also it is because it is healthy and good for you.

So, my two favorite kitchen tools are slow cooker and rice cooker. Rice cooker also serves as buckwheat cooker. Most of cooking is happening when we are asleep and kids can't flip/pull/kick/etc hot pans

Since I decided on my goals last week, I tried to stop eating at night. I actually figured, if I do not eat after 8 (I know it should be 6 or 7, but it is unrealistic) for 14 days, that will proof the point somehow. The start date for this experiment kept moving, since I kept finding excuses to snack.

I decided to eat one of the sample bars I got "Night Food" - nutrition to get you through the night plus melatonin to help you sleep. Yeah, I forgot about melatonin. It knocked me out before I knew it.

Thursday was officially my first "do not eat after 8" evening

Biked to work and back on Tuesday and Thursday for a total of 72 minutes

I lost again (in the good kind of way). I lost 2.2 lb since last week.

Yay me !!!

I wasn't perfect, but I tried to do multiple things and it worked. I lost two weeks on a row! That is very exiting.

Keeping track of goals:
1. shed 10 lbs by the end of January. 7.8 to go
2. 2-3 gallons of water a day Most of days
3. Stop night snacking 3 days out of the week I did it right
4. 6 bike trips to work and back Have 4 more to go

Thank You to all the sistas for support and huge thank you to the sponsors - Belly Beautiful Workout. Please take a minute and visit Belly Beautiful Workout

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  1. Awesome weight loss this week! Keep up the hardwork!

  2. Congrats on the weight loss this week - that's awesome!! Changing your habits is hard, hang in there and you'll see results!!

  3. Sounds like you're doing better than you're giving yourself credit for. Try to focus on what you have accomplished!! 2.2 pounds is great, and whatever you can do, whether it's 8 or 7 or 6 is what you can do. No shoulds!

    Awesome work!!

  4. WOW! 2.2 Lbs is AWESOME!!! Keep up the great work!

  5. Great job! I love your goal of not snacking a few nights a week. It doesn't need to be all or nothing - a few treats/week is just enough.

    Have a great week!

  6. 2.2 pounds is a great job. Keep up with the small changes you are implementing and this will stay long-term success as you work towards your goals.

  7. You are doing great!!!!Not eating at night has really helped me in the past - though it can be really hard (especially at first!). I think I am will join you and make that a goal for me too.

  8. Hey! Great loss! And I LOVE the idea of not snacking a few nights a week. That, to me, sounds realistic.

    Oh, and I love my slow cooker too. LOVE it.

    You're doing an awesome job!

  9. great job on the goal setting hope you are able to reach those and have an awesome week

    im trying the no eating after 8 and so far only broken it 1 day