Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mamavation - Week #7

Thank you girls for the support you are giving me and for the strength You are giving me! I am not great a Twitting and the best way I can pay you back is by reading as many posts as I can and give some support back.

My employer started renovation and we all had to move. Now the washroom is so far away and that might effect my water consumption, but I will try to do my best

I might be just a little bit in luck, because I wasn't born and raised here, so Thanksgiving is not the Huge Holiday for me as it is for You. It is a Holiday, but I got away with a chicken, few appetizers and some sweets. Oh yeah, the sweets - I could of done better. My family (my husband, daughter, and myself) made cookies for the first time and I ate some, and then some more.

Oh well, I am putting finishing touches my post on surviving the holidays and feeling good about yourself, so it should provide a healthy plan for myself

And I have been bouncing on my medicine (or whatever) ball for the whole week (Thank You Beth for your help). Just bouncing, but it helps me not to fall asleep before I want to. Added benefit - HA!

Lost 0 pounds - what a surprise!
Keeping track of goals:
1. shed 10 lbs by the end of January. 9.8 to go from 200 lb on 11/8/10 (start 04/01/10 - 209 lb)
2. 2-3 gallons of water a day 2 out 7 days
3. Stop night snacking I did good in general
4. 6 bike trips to work and back Still have 4 more to go. I will suspend this goal for now. Unfortunately it is too cold and it gets too dark before I finish working and I have no lights on my bike. Well, I need a better bike with few things (like luggage and lights), so that will become my ultimate reward for the great that I started doing - Yes, I am talking about my weight loss

Thank You Dr Lynn for sponsoring this week Mamavation. Learn how diet, exercise, herbs, scents, sounds, sights and the natural sciences can enhance your health and your sexuality. Because Sex Matters! Follow Dr Lynn (@drlynnanderson) on Twitter, find her book on Amazon.com and learn more at www.doctorlynn.com


  1. Don't beat yourself up. we all have slip ups and holidays are a giant pitfall!

    Get back up and start again

    Have a great week

  2. Sounds like you have a good plan to bounce back. You can do it!

  3. Holidays can be tough, but it's important to get back on track on the days that ARENT a holiday celebration! You can do it.

    And great job bouncing on that ball.

  4. Your new bike idea is great! I still think it is cool that you can bike to work...since I live in BFE, that is just not an option. lol

    Good luck this week!

  5. So excited to hear you are liking the ball. I was wondering if i would really like it.Good luck with your goals though Jan. Seems really doable and I hope I can keep up with you :)

  6. You have a great plan set up. Baby steps is the way to do this. You can do this and we are here to help support and encourage you!

  7. I wish I could bike to work but living in the 'country' and work in the 'city' I don't even want to think about how early I'd have to leave the house to do it! LOL!

    CONGRATS on no gain over the holidays! That is a victory too! I also love your goals! Good luck this week!

  8. thats a great idea to have a monthly goal I tink I will set one for december thanks for that idea. good luck with your goals this week