Saturday, December 18, 2010

#Shred ON!

Ok, Girls, we are in a final stretch - there are literally few days are left out of the year, and you probably already have your new year resolutions in place. But how about starting THE LOOSE WEIGHT RESOLUTION now instead of waiting for two more weeks?

I purpose The 30 days shred

I know it is the worst time to start the Shred right now, because it is the busiest time of the year - shopping-cooking-wrapping, but listen me out:

I hate to be in a "New Year Resolution" crowd, mostly because the biggest percent will quit before reaching the goal. I know I can do it, but just to make a point I would prefer to form my own crowd of 1, that would not say "New Year Resolution" on it.

Tomorrow starts today, and I want to walk into the new year tall with a good plan and well on the way of making myself a better person.

I know the time is tight, but it is only 20 minutes a day - I spend more than that on talking myself to get off the couch. This 20 minutes that can get things rolling for you.

I know I will eat the stuff I am not supposed to eat over the next few weeks, but if I workout, the delicious sweetness will not become the extension of my butt. Maybe be I will maintain the same weight, but I will not wake up on January 1 to find myself 5 pounds heavier
(I keep balancing just under 200 lb, and I fear of getting on the scale and find myself crossing 200 again.)

Let's kick each others behinds in this challenge!

How to get started:

You need weights and a DVD

Recommended weights are 3 to 5 pounds, but if you already spent all your money on gifts, use juice bottles or anything else for that matter that is easy to hold

"Jillian Michael 30 day shred"
Here are the options:

Buy the DVD $8.99 (Amazon)
Buy Amazon on Demand $4.99 or $1.99 per episode (there are 3)
Rent it from Netflix. Plans start at $7 or so
Rent it from the Library
Watch it for free here http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/UgpuDex8Iuo/

If you thought of doing it or started shreding, but got sidetracked, today is the day.
Who is on boards?

Please comment below, so I know you are IN


  1. I'm back in starting Thursday when I'm back home (I'm 7hrs away from home at my MIL's until Wed).

    Great post Elena!

  2. I'm so impressed, lady!! You've kept going when most of us have either stopped or aren't doing it daily!

    You are Shredder of the Month baby!!

    I am going to do it today, which will make 4X this week. Not awful. I'll try to do it more this week in your honor.

    Also - I am so there with you on not waiting until Jan 1. Here we go!

  3. I am TOTALLY with you on this! Let's keep at it! Shreddin' through the holidays, baby!