Monday, October 25, 2010

Week #3 Mamavation

Wow. It has been so great talking to everybody - listening and talking. This is so freaking cool!!!

So, I am around 200 lbs, but I do not feel huge. Is that weird? When I look at my clothes, it looks huge and I know I am not that big. Every time I look in the mirror, I see someone who is somewhat not skinny. But common, 200 pounds?!?

The pounds do not shed easy for me - each one is a battle and maybe that is why it is so easy to give up. Hypothyroidism only makes worse. Every time when the meds go up, I hope that it would help with weight loss.

I was right about the get on the bike in the morning when I realized I had a lunch appointment. So disappointing and the weather is perfect. I talked my husband into covering for me after work (he spends most of his time fixing his car) and had a nice 35 minute ride. I finished the cake - now let's get serious.
Step back - nice hubby brought late night snacks.

Drank 3 gallons of water. Yes, I did
Super windy outside, so Bike was out of the question. So I got on WII (haven't done it in months) and Active II serously kicked my butt (I was hoping to be in better shape). But I did my best - got 30 minutes done. Dripping sweat... Made me feel go though

Skipped workout. Trying to get loads of laundry done

Forgot my water bottle at home. Got a tiny bottle at work and refilled it few times
Wii active workout went extremely well. It was done in 25 minutes. Wow! And I wasn't exhausted. I wounder why? ... Apparently I accidentally switched the level to medium from hard. Aah, that would explain it

Feeling very unproductive. I was working through the laundry loads - skipped the workout again. No bicycle either.

Walked for 40 minutes with the stroller. I can't consider it a real workout, but, I guess, it is better than nothing.

According to the scales, I gain a couple pounds. I think I will pretend I didn't see that.

Greatest Thanks to Subway for support of the program - You rock!!!

Subway designed a new series of reusable lunch bags around each one of their Famous Fans and their specific athletic talent. My biggest inspiration is Lance Armstrong. He makes me feel like anything is possible when it comes to overcoming obstacles.


  1. 200 lbs is my first major goal! I know I need to be much less than that to be considered healthy, but I just want to see 2-0-0! Hope you have a great week this week!!

  2. Every bit of activity counts! You did great this week of trying to get some movement in, in my opinion everything that gets you off the couch (including laundry!)is a step in the right direction. Best of luck to you as you work towards your goals.

  3. OK the cake is gone. That's a good thing! I would imagine it would be a struggle to lose a pound eating that during the week. Hee hee.

    You have lots of company with Mamavation and lots of people who have been there are are going to be there. It's the perfect place for you!!!

    You did get some workouts in, so pat yourself on the back!!

  4. I would love to be closer to the 200 mark than I am right now, so I am clapping for you! I totally agree with the 200 feeling the way it does. Good luck with the right dose of meds, it can make things much harder but you are doing awesome.

  5. I know what you mean on being 200 lbs, but don't feel that big! I also know what you mean about hypothyroidism and having to struggle to lose every.single.pound. I am have hypothyroid too. It is definitely hard to deal with at times, especially when I see people doing exactly what I do and losing weight so much.
    Good luck!

  6. You are getting more movement in, so that totally counts!! Stay active - you're doing great!

  7. I thought that I left a comment earlier..something must have happened!

    I'm the same way, I feel not so huge at 214, but then I look at pictures and my clothes...

    I'll be celebrating at 200, and I'll be celebrating when you are there too!

  8. Shake off that gain and get back at it. You are moving your body and thats important. Good luck this week

  9. Keep being active and playing! I love that you seem to have joy with a lot of your movement. I do not have a thyroid disorder and can't imagine what it is like for you but I am glad you are not giving up.

  10. I love your thought that you don't feel big at your weight. I think one of the things that has kept me from doing the work to really lose is that I, too, don't feel big at my weight (about 200 as well).

    So. Hang in there and stay active!

  11. just take things one day at a time and you will get better, I'm over 200 and theres times i don't feel heavy yet the woman in the mirror looks bigger than my mental image of myself.

    good luck with your next week and i know you can do great things just stay focused

  12. You're on the right track, keep it up!

    I'm looking for a copy of the Wii Active, it looks like it's just what I need.

  13. Congrats on all those workouts. Why is it ou hubby's do that to us? They KNOW we are trying to lose weight, then they go and bring goodies for us?!!! come ON!! wE HAVE A BIG CHOCOLATE BIRTHDAY CAKE sitting in my fridge that we made for ds3's birthday. I haven't had 1 single bite yet! other night when giving him his birthday piece.. I ate a peanut butter cookie instead. Still.. not the greatest but I am sure it beats the chocolate cake, eh?! My uhbby keeps bringing home cake donuts, and now the candy to tempt me too.. I hear ya! 200 can seem huge, and can seem not so huge. I think really it depends on how u hold the pounds and where the fat is stored. If it is stored in your gut, or abs it is more noticable than if it is in thighs and has been turned into muscle. I didn't feel that huge, till I looked at photographs of myself and realized what I look like to everyone else.. but I keep going and every pound lost makes me a happier person!

  14. It's Pauline. My first goal is 200, also. it was what I weighed when I got pregnant with Buttercup. 185 is my second goal. that is what I weighed when I got married. Good luck!