Monday, October 18, 2010

Back for More!

Farm road in Champaign County, IllinoisImage via WikipediaIt has been a really long time time since I wrote anything and yes, that means, that I am back to late night snacks and off my exercise routine. I know it's bad. However, if I was on the market for excuses, I would pick these two: I was very active with kids over the summer going to the pool and that is a good activity. I also got on the bike. That was my very last step I was working on. Even so I stopped doing everything else, I was on the bike for 2 hours a week. So great and therapeutic! 2 hours of the week my kids were in the trailer chained to my husband's bike and I could do with what ever speed I wanted.

However, I hope I am back. I will try to be committed and it feels more like I will try to kick my butt into doing things again.

Last week the road that I need to take to work was closed for railroad repairs, which made me sit in traffic for an hour instead of 15 minutes and gave me an idea to take a bike to work. So I did on Friday, got to work in 20 minutes, felt really good and enjoyed it. Would really like to do more of it. Also I am trying to cut back on eating after 9. I think two days out of 7 I didn't eat after putting kids to sleep.

However, my daughter's birthday left us with a big portion of cake, so I am not sure how this will work.

I have another idea. Ever heard about "bike to work once a week to help environment and your wallet?" I like the idea, but here on Midwest we can't do it for 6 months or so (November through March). But If you think that year has 52 weeks, and set a goal to bike 52 times a year, that would technically give me once a week. Since I can't bike all the way from home - it is far and I have to two kids, here is what I can do - take my van and go were I have to go, leave the van at some point, take a bike (have my clothes in the backpack) and cycle the last 3-6 miles. Not too bad. With a good weather I might be able to do 52 days in 2 months, but since I only have few good weather days left for riding, I can have a goal of riding a bike at least 11 days (for 11 weeks til the end of the year) starting it tomorrow. I hope we will have 11 days of good weather left.
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  1. That is a really great goal, to bike to work the equivalent to one day a week for the year. I love it! I hope you get your 11 days in for this year. I look forward to getting to know you. I am @jamnsfld76 on twitter so say hi so we can get to know you. :)

  2. Midwest weather can turn bad fast. I would love to be able to bike once a week, but we live in the mountains now and we already have ice, lol. Good luck making the bike work because it sounds like you have a good start.