Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I love me!

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Well, I don't get to say that enough. But for just a minute I'd like to say that I love me. The scales is slowly turning into the loosing mode. My last measurement made me say, Yey! Yesterday I got on the scales again and it said -1.3 lb. That puts me into under 200 zone and it feels great. I haven't been under 200 since my 8th month of pregnancy with my number 1 and that is at least 2.5 years, so I'm loving it.

Last two weekends I did get on the bike and rode it for 30 minutes or so, so, I guess, I did my next step and now just have to continue a great job. Yey me!

I am loving WII Active More workouts and it is so much cooler than the first one. The warm up is a combination of few exercises (in the first one it was mostly running and I hate running). As a cool off instead of running it is stretching and recovery. I overall like it a lot.

I recently came to the realization that I can actually run without hating myself. I might not like it much, but now I can actually run instead of doing this fast duck walk thinking I am going to start running...yes, I will...I need to stop and catch my breath...I hate myself...

So I loved my results and yesterday I actually put on a swimsuit instead of workout pants. It is a two piece that covers more than one piece, but it's a start. I can see that my legs are overall toned. I still have a long way to go, but my hips are not sad looking fat blobs and I proud of them.
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