Friday, June 11, 2010

Did I fall off the wagon?

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I haven't wrote anything in a while. Does it mean that I miserably failed my challenge. Not really

Because of the trip to Canada I had a lot of catching up to do. Also the work kept me working and the baby is being teething really bad (today is Day 3 of his fever).

I skipped couple workouts last weekend, but, finally, yesterday I finished my 30 day challenge with WII Active. It is exciting and I decided to celebrate it with sandwich. I am joking, but I did have a sandwich and my body is not liking me too much right now.

Clearly, I am just over 2/3 of my challenge and 5 days overdue for the measurement. Will really try to do it this weekend and - oh, gosh - I still owed myself a bike ride. Forecast is promising rain for the next 6 days and that doesn't leave me too much of a chance.

However, I recently got WII Active more (second part of WII Active) at 50% off, so I would consider it my second reward. I also did some major clothes shopping. I can actually find some clothes in size medium that fits me. Yey me!

Today is the day I open my WII Active More and take a first look at it. This is is targeting more of a abdominal areas, but I am not sure if the cardio still there, so I might have to customize it, because I'd like to have cardio-abs-yoga/pilates combination, so I just might get creative
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