Tuesday, March 16, 2010

All the things I never do

Tough shit. Nothing is easy and I do too good of a job finding excuses why things will not work. It stops here and now. Ha! Like it is that easy. I am a master of excuses with over thirty years of experience. (Put that on the resume) I have two kids under 3 years old and I have no time for anything. Get them home, make dinner, feed them, bath, dress, put to sleep, prep tomorrow lunch, Browsing internet, pass out somewhere. Right? I have problems loosing weight and I have hypothyroidism. I am trying to live frugal life. I am not making my own soap and shoes, but I rarely go out to eat and and carefully consider my expenses. I think this is the only one thing I sort of mastered ( I probably can do better). The biggest problem I have is to be consistent and what ever I do.

Here is what I want to do - I want to do all this thing I never have time for

Loose Weight
I am not going to the health club. Just because it is open 24/7 it doesn't mean I can go there. Not like I can actually leave kids at 9 or 10 PM and go to the gym. Nope! It costs $35/month
Even if I buy something new every month to keep me going, I can still do it cheaper than that. I did buy WII and WII Fit. Worked out for 2 months and got no results. Got frustrated. Quit. Scratch that. Temporarely stopped.

I have more stuff.
Organize my one bedroom condo since 4 of us are living here and can't really do anything about now. I want to simplify to make it easy to maintain and let's face it - single child does not need 50 toys and most of us have much more than that

Polish CDs. My 2 year old needs to handle every CD and DVD personally, so I have a whole bunch of discs that are messy scratchy, so I would like to give it a try with the handy dandy machine I got for 20 bucks at Target

Frugal life
I do some smart choices and probably can share some ideas how to save few dimes

I do have some more stuff and I will add it later. However, I will need help deciding what project to pick next.

So, before I pass out (as I normally do)

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